Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I am a Windows computer user, which version should I get?
A: The Kindle Fire version will work on the Kindle app on both Windows and Apple computers.

Q: What happens if I did not receive my eBook and/or image download?
A: Check your spam folder first.

Q: What do I do with the image?
A: You download it and have it printed at any size, framed and use as art to decorate your home or office or can use the image as a screen saver or wallpaper on your phone.

Q: What if my eBook version does not work?
A: Check your order to make sure you purchased the correct version that corresponds with your device.
A: If you have purchased the correct version, you have a total of three downloads, and may try downloading it again.

Q: Can I give out/away my image?
A: You cannot sell the images.
A: You cannot give your link to other people.

Q: How many times can I download the image and the eBook?
A: You can download the image and eBook three times.

If you have tried everything above and are still having issues, please contact our customer service email with details and proof of purchase so that we can better assist you in solving any issues you might be experiencing.